Adelante supply a range of wireless Bluetooth Chip and PIN credit card processing machines. Our portable credit card terminals include models with colour screens and contactless or NFC payment support. With a wireless range of 100 metres, our portable Chip and PIN terminals give you the flexibility to take payments around your premises – without the extra costs of mobile card terminals. Your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can make credit card payments with Chip and PIN security. Thanks to your wireless card machines, they won't need to leave their party during lunch, dinner or drinks. Portable credit card machines are convenient and cost-effective.

These portable, wireless credit and debit card terminals connect to the banking network via your broadband internet or telephone line. All our wireless Bluetooth card payment machines are PCI approved and offer the latest security features. Our portable Chip and PIN machines are low cost, simple to install, easy to use, and will provide years of reliable service. Multiple portable Bluetooth Chip and PIN terminals can connect to a single wireless base station. This allows smooth processing of concurrent payments via more than one portable credit card terminal during busy trading periods. For customers needing greater flexibility than a wired terminal can provide, without the cost of a truly mobile solution, a wireless Bluetooth portable card payment terminal is an excellent option.

Portable Chip and PIN Machine Payment Options

As with all our card machines, our wireless Chip and PIN terminals come with no long term commitments and are available on contracts as short as six months.

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