Countertop Chip and PIN machines from Adelante are the ideal cost-effective payment solution if you run a retail store, and can use a wired credit card terminal in the same place every day. For businesses of any nature, it is essential to be able to take credit and debit card payments via a reliable card terminal. Because the card machine will be used exclusively on the counter top beside your shop's till or within your sales area, a wired connection is ideal – it offers reliability and robustness without compromise.

Adelante provide a variety of countertop Chip and PIN terminals, including models with colour screens and contactless or NFC payment support. These wired card machines can connect to the banking network either using a telephone line or, alternatively, your business internet connection. All of the countertop credit card machines we supply are low cost, simple to install, easy to use and will provide years of reliable service. 

Flexible Payment Options

Adelante do not require customers using our wired card machines to commit to long term contracts, with contracts as short as six months available.

If countertop terminals are not what you need, we also supply portable and mobile card machines for customers who do not operate from a fixed location.

Our customer service team will find the best solution for you.

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