Chip and PIN is secure! Everyone knows this is true, so why does integrated Chip and PIN cause universities so much trouble?

The answer is very simple. For Chip and PIN to be effectively deployed by universities the payment process must be driven by the income management system. This is to make sure that the payment reference number and the payment amount are accurate and so can easily be accounted for in your back-office systems. Typically the way to do this has been to attach terminals to the corporate network but this brings its own issues. To do this correctly the terminal must support point to point encryption (P2PE) so that the transfer of card details across the network is secure. However, if you use terminals that support P2PE you must follow the processes contained in the Product Instruction Manual (PIM) to remain PCIDSS compliant. A PIMs is a very complicated document that places a huge overhead on the use of Chip and PIN across the university's corporate network environment.

Adelante has developed a new way to integrate Chip and PIN terminals with income management. This allows the income management system to drive the payment process but removes terminals from your corporate network and so removes the need for P2PE and the overhead of the PIM. To learn more about how this can be done, just complete the contact form on this page.

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