TonePay is Adelante's automated telephone payment system or Interactive Voice Response system. TonePay allows people to pay for goods or services over the phone using their credit card, with no operator intervention.

What is TonePay?

TonePay is an automated telephone payment system (ATP) or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.

What does TonePay do?

It allows people phoning in to pay for goods or services on their credit card without any operator intervention. This service is available 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Do I need a merchant account with the bank?

Yes, you will need to have a merchant account with an acquiring bank.

What does TonePay Cost?

TonePay is a managed service and does not require any hardware to operate. This means the set-up costs are minimal and the running cost can be as low as £100 per month. There is also a small transaction charge depending on your choice of payment plans.

How do I get started?

Simply contact Adelante on 01628 820500 or complete the contact form for more information.

How does TonePay work?

Customers are provided with a dedicated 03 telephone number.  This will cost your caller the same as a local call and is free of charge if their phone contract includes free minute bundles. Card Holders can ring the number 24 hours per day 7 days per week and listen to recorded messages created specifically to meet your requirements. These messages guide the user through the process of making a payment including validating account numbers and reading out outstanding balances if required.  Once this process is complete TonePay sends an encrypted payment request to your bank and authorises the payment. Typically, the bank pays you for any cards processed about 4 days later.  TonePay only handles the transaction authorisation and not the money. 

What about Chip and PIN?

TonePay is a card holder not present solution and therefore Chip and PIN authentication is not required.

What can TonePay be used for?

TonePay can be used to reduce the workload on your call centre and also to take it out of scope for PCIDSS. 

Can the system validate that customers' account numbers or reference numbers are correct?

Yes, this can be set-up during the TonePay installation and implementation if required.

Where is TonePay hosted?

TonePay is hosted in a secure PCIDSS compliant data centre.

Does TonePay store my customers' credit card details?

No card details are stored on the TonePay server.

Is TonePay PCIDSS Approved?

Yes Adelante are a PCIDSS Level 1 Service Provider, the highest accreditation possible.  Any payments processed via TonePay are also out of scope of your own PCI requirements.