TaxiPay Mobile allows owner taxi drivers to take payments over their mobile phone. Here are some frequently asked questions about this industry-leading product.

What is TaxiPay Mobile?

TaxiPay Mobile is a simple and inexpensive system mobile payments system for taxis that allows taxi owner drivers to take card payments either in their vehicle or over the phone.

Do I need a merchant account with the bank?

No, Adelante holds the merchant account with the bank.  We simply process the payment on your behalf and then transfer the funds directly into your bank account once a week, so you receive them on a Friday.

What does TaxiPay cost?

TaxiPay is FREE to set-up.  It is entirely funded by the small fee added to each transaction.  There are no on-going charges and no minimum transaction levels to meet.

Do I need Public Carriage Office approval?

TaxiPay uses a standard mobile phone to process the payments.  Because the phone is not fixed into the vehicle PCO approval is not required.  TaxiPay provide point of sale stickers to inform customers that the taxi accepts card payments and details of the surcharge and these are PCO approved.

What if my phone is stolen?

Simply contact TaxiPay and inform us.  We will remove your phone from the system until you replace it.

How do I get started?

Simply download the TaxiPay application form and terms and conditions, complete this and send it to us with the required documentation.  The system takes a few days to setup from receipt of your order.

How does TaxiPay work?

Payment details are entered into the mobile phone or PDA using our App.  The phone prompts you for the required information such as credit card number, expiry date and amount.  It then encrypts this data and sends a payment request to our server. The results of the payment request are then sent back to the mobile phone with details of the authorisation code. A receipt can then be emailed to the customer.

How do Adelante make their money?

Adelante deduct 6.5% from each fare taken, before sending the fare payment back to you. This pays for the banking charges and the cost of running the service.

What about Chip and PIN?

TaxiPay Mobile is not Chip and PIN; however, we do offer TaxiPay Chip and PIN as an alternative. This gives you a guarantee against fraudulent transactions but only for card holder present transactions and not for bookings taken over the phone. For more information please contact the Adelante sales desk on 01628 820600 or look at TaxiPay Chip and PIN.

How does the system handle tips?

Tips can either be taken from the customer in cash or processed via the TaxiPay system.  If they are processed through the TaxiPay system they are subject to the same charge as the fare.

Can I still use my mobile phone for voice calls?

Yes, the application does not affect the functionality of your phone.