TaxiPay is Adelante's industry-leading taxi payments system, allowing taxi owner drivers to use a Chip & PIN system in their vehicle for card payments. Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is TaxiPay Chip & PIN?

TaxiPay Chip & PIN is a simple and inexpensive taxi payments system that allows taxi owner-drivers to accept credit and debit card payments using a Chip & PIN machine.

Do I need a merchant account with the bank?

No, Adelante holds a TaxiPay merchant account with our merchant acquirer. TaxiPay allows drivers to accept card payments using the TaxiPay merchant account and then transfers the funds directly into the drivers bank account once a week.

What does TaxiPay Chip & PIN cost?

TaxiPay Chip & PIN costs £10 per month plus VAT to rent the terminal.  We then charge 5% per transaction which we deduct before sending the funds to you. This charge can be passed onto the card holder making the system transaction free to the driver. 

I work in London, do I need TFL approval?

No, we provide point of sale stickers to inform customers that your taxi accepts card payments and these are TFL approved.

How do I get started?

Simply download the TaxiPay application form and terms and conditions, complete this and send it to us with the required documentation.  The system takes a couple of days to setup from receipt of your order. Alternatively call us on 01628 820500 and we can send you the required form.

How do Adelante make their money?

Adelante keep 5% of the funds received. This pays for the banking charges and the cost of running the service.

Why use Chip & PIN?

Using a Chip & PIN machine guarantees the security of each payment, giving you peace of mind your funds are yours once the payment has been authorised.

How does the system handle tips?

Tips can either be taken from the customer in cash or processed via the TaxiPay system.  If they are processed through the TaxiPay system they are subject to the same charge as the fare.