SmartPay is Adelante's income management and cash receipting solution. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is SmartPay?

SmartPay is an income management and cash receipting system.  It is used to process payments and record income from multiple sources.

What type of company used SmartPay?

SmartPay is typically used by Councils, Universities and Housing Associations.

What type of payments can SmartPay accept?

SmartPay can be used to process credit and debit card payments and record payments made by cash, cheque and postal order.  It can also accept feeds with income information from third party systems like PayPoint, All Pay and BACs etc.  SmartPay can also be integrated with third party applications such as the National Planning Portal, Elms, Leisure Centre Applications and web shopping carts etc.

What types of ways can people make payments using SmartPay?

SmartPay can be used to accept payments on the Internet, over the phone or in person via Chip and PIN.  It is also possible to accept payments via an automated telephone payments system (ATP) or by integrating a kiosk with an inbuilt payment function.

What type of things can people pay for?

People can pay for things like council tax, business rates, pest control, parking fines, rents and licences refuse collections etc. 

Can SmartPay handle VAT?

Yes, SmartPay supports VAT and can be configured to apply specific rates to different payment types.

Can SmartPay handle Bank Reconciliation?

Yes, SmartPay has an optional bank reconciliation module.

Will customers get a receipt?

Yes, receipts can be branded with your own company colours and logo and different receipts can be selected based on the type of channel (web, Chip and PIN, IVR), and the type of payment (Council Tax, Refuse collection etc.)  You can have as many different types of receipt as you like.

Can SmartPay validate that customers' account numbers or reference numbers are correct?

Yes, this is set-up during the installation and implementation process if required.

Will SmartPay integrate with different back end system?

Yes, SmartPay has been integrated with numerous different systems used within the public sector.  The open architecture of SmartPay means we can provide bespoke integration if we find any systems we have not already built an interface to.

SmartPay handles credit and debit cards, is it PCI Approved.

The card processing element of SmartPay is provided as a managed service.  This is delivered by Adelante from our PCIDSS Level 1 accredited environment.  This takes PCI out of scope for SmartPay users and saves them lots of money on their own accreditation process. 

Does SmartPay store my customers' credit card details?

No card details are stored by SmartPay.

Can customers pay using their Smartphone?

Yes, Adelante have developed a smartphone application called SmartPay Mobile.  This can be branded with your company colours and logo and made available to your customers as a free download from the App Store, Android Market Place or Microsoft Store.