Do you have a question about one of our products? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our products and services.


ConnectPay allows you to take card payments through a Virtual Terminal. View our FAQs for ConnectPay

Recurring Card Payments

ConnectPay includes a recurring card payment system. This operates like a direct debit or standing order system but for credit and debit cards. View our FAQs for Recurring Card Payments

Long Term Chip and PIN Rental

Adelante customers can rent Chip and PIN machines from us on a long term hire basis. View our FAQs for long term Chip and PIN hire

Merchant Accounts

If you are new to taking card payments, you'll need a merchant account. View our FAQs for merchant accounts

TaxiPay Chip & PIN

Our TaxiPay Chip and PIN solution allows owner taxi drivers to take card payments in their vehicle using a Chip and PIN machine. View our FAQs for TaxiPay Chip and PIN

TaxiPay Mobile

Our TaxiPay Mobile solution allows owner taxi drivers to take payments by mobile phone or other devices. View our FAQs for TaxiPay Mobile


SmartPay is Adelante's Income Management and Cash Receipting System, primarily for Local Government. View our SmartPay FAQs


TonePay is our automated telephone payments system (ATP). View our FAQs for TonePay