TaxiPay • Mobile App

TaxiPay Mobile

A pay as you go taxi solution designed to allow owner drivers to process credit and debit card payments on their own mobile phone. This solution is primarily for individual owner drivers, and suitable whether you own an iPhone, Android, PDA, or other internet enabled mobile device. Most makes and models of mobile phones are supported by this cost-effective taxi payment system.

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TaxiPay • Chip & PIN

Designed for owner drivers our Chip and PIN card terminals for taxis are the most secure way to accept cardholder present transactions, for you and for your passengers. Drivers can either rent or purchase a card terminal outright.

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Payment Systems for Taxi Fleets

Payment Systems for Fleets

Adelante also offers a choice of flexible credit card payment solutions for taxi fleets. These can either be integrated into your taxi booking and dispatch system or operate as a stand-alone solution. Adelante is the only credit card payment gateway with systems designed specifically for the taxi trade. Designed to minimise fraud, maximise your return on investment and simplify your PCIDSS certification. you need look no further if credit and debit card payments are required within your fleet. 

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