"Replacing a 20 year old system was a leap of faith. However, working with Adelante has been a pleasure and the council is completely happy with the outcome. Not only is SmartPay a more modern and flexible system, but the replacement costs and annual charges were far lower than the proposed new developments which allow us to extend the payment functionality available to our customer as we move forward."

Janet Jones, ICT Manager - Surrey Heath Borough Council

"When we first looked at integrating credit card payments into our application we faced a variety of challenges. The biggest of these was our lack of knowledge about the card processing market. However, our research showed that the ConnectPay Payment Gateway provided a quick and easy way to facilitate card payments, allowing us to concentrate on our core Mercury application. We were able to write the card data collections pages ourselves. This means they form a seamless part of our software, allowing us to keep our own corporate identity throughout the Mercury application."

Richard Moore, Managing Director - Exel Technology Group Limited

"There are many systems that claim to support recurring card payments. Typically, they can pass back a token when a payment request is made and this can be stored and used to submit recurring payments. However, this is only half the trick! The ConnectPay Recurring Payment System actually manages this process. It allows you to set up plans, communicates automatically with customers and provides easy integration with back office systems. All this is done without the customer ever needing to see or store the card number, so the process is totally secure and meets PCIDSS requirements."

Carol Edwards, Finance Operations Manager - Ann Summers

"By installing the TonePay system we have reduced the number of payments processed in our call centre by around 4,000 per month, which represents about 20% of our telephone based transactions. This has freed up staff time, allowing them to concentrate on the problem accounts where payment is not forthcoming."

Marie Moffat, Director - CCS Collect Limited

"The ConnectPay Payment Gateway allowed us to offer a card processing capability to our application without the need for expensive banking approvals. Customers can now process all the major credit cards including American Express without the need for costly third party hardware and because this is a software application it was quick and inexpensive to deploy"

Chris Knight, COO - Exel Technology Group Limited

"This [Recurring Card Payments] was a new project for Ann Summers and we were very concerned about how we would be able to manage payments by installments. At one point it looked as though we would have to either write a bespoke application to manage this or do it manually. Neither was attractive, but we were pleased to find a commercially available product that did this already. the additional bonus was it was also inexpensive to set up and deploy."

Viki Penfold, Business Analyst - Ann Summers

"The decision to start using the Adelante Recurring Payment system was a very simple one to make. It has taken away the worry of having to store card details and reduced the time taken to process account customer transactions from 1 day per month to 15 minutes per month. We believe this saves us around £4,000 per year in staff costs. Our return on investment was about 2 months which is incredible."

Caroline Pryor, MD - Pryors Cars

"Making the right decisions on our card payment systems was a daunting task for us. We didn't know where to begin or what questions to ask to end up with the most suitable products at the best price, and because we sell books at Fairs in schools had unusual requirements. Adelante have helped us every step of the way over the last few years - nothing is too much trouble to them! I completely trust their team to give us the best information for our business, and would highly recommend their services."

Lyn Bradshaw, Accounts Manager - Scholastic Ltd

For all sales enquiries call 01628 820600 or email sales@adelante.co.uk

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