ConnectPay includes a browser based virtual terminal that can be accessed anywhere you have access to the Internet. Multiple users from the same company can be granted access to the terminal via their own set of logon details.  All transactions taken via the virtual terminal can be viewed within the ConnectPay administration portal.  You can give your users different access permissions dependent on their roles.  There is also an audit log available that records details of any significant actions taken by individual users whilst they are using the system.

How it works

When taking the payment, the card details are entered directly onto a ConnectPay server within our PCIDSS Level 1 accredited environment. You are not entering or storing them on your own systems. Payments are easy to process, simply enter the card details and your reference, for example an invoice number and click confirm. The payment result is delivered in a few seconds and the card holder will receive an email with the payment receipt at the end of the process if you choose to enable this function.

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