Recurring card payments, sometimes called a continuous payment authority or CPA, enables you to collect regular or repeat payments from your customers. Once the customer plan has been created - which can either be done directly by the customer via a web page, or via your own staff - you can sit back and let the system do the rest. Payments will be collected on the dates selected, and can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or any other frequency. Email receipts can be sent to the customer after each payment, if required. A daily report is sent to you summarising the payment results.

Declined payments can be retried the same day, or the following day. For expired cards, a link is sent to the customer prompting them to enter their updated details.

Repayment option - A total outstanding balance is entered and the system will recalculate the reducing balance as each payment is collected
Continuous option - A fixed amount will be collected at set regular frequencies - for example gym or club memberships
Batch option - You can upload a file when variable payments are to be taken

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Why choose Recurring Card Payments?

  • Configurable retry options for declined payments
  • Email option to remind and receipt customers
  • Flexible time of day for payments
  • API available for easy integration
  • Out of scope for PCI DSS

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