TonePay is our automated telephone payment system, also known as ATP, IVR or DTMF.  By accepting automated credit and debit card payments using an ATP system companies can significantly reduce the workload in their call centre and completely remove these payments from the scope of PCIDSS. The handling of routine payments from cardholders can consume a substantial amount of time and company resources.

Adelante has produced a case study that demonstrates the level of savings that are possible.  Our TonePay automated telephone payments system will significantly reduce call centre costs and is supplied at a fraction of the cost of similar systems.  For situations where it is a requirement for staff to interact with the cardholder, ConnectPay has an alternative solution designed to take operator assisted payments out of scope.

Integration of Automated Telephone Payments

As well as processing automated IVR payments, the TonePay system can be integrated with your back office systems. TonePay can be configured to validate account numbers, look up outstanding balances and read these out to card holders prior to payment. Payment results can also be posted into your back office systems to mark invoices as paid or reduce outstanding balances. Payment information is available to your staff as soon as the payments have completed.  This can be accessed by using our ConnectPay Administration Portal. This can be used to obtain transaction reports and process refunds.  

Adelante provides assistance with the design process to ensure your automated telephone system meets best practice guidelines. For more information on our TonePay ATP system please refer to our frequently asked questions or review the case study

Our TonePay IVR payment systems are ideal for:

  • Account Payment
  • Fines
  • Membership Renewal
  • Invoice payments

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