The SmartPay recurring card payment module allows local councils to supplement direct debit collections. Most authorities collect around 60% to 80% of regular payments by direct debit. However, there are many people who simply do not trust the direct debit system, usually because they have received excessive bank charges for failed collections. Failed card payments are free for both the card holder and the council and so offer a viable alternative where direct debit is not an option. Have a look at the short 1 minute video to find out more.

Features of SmartPay Recurring Card Payments:

  • PCIDSS Compliant
  • No requirement to store card details
  • Can supplement or replace direct debit and standing order payments
  • Automated email receipts and transaction reports available
  • Process multiple transactions in seconds without user intervention
  • Supports configurable payment plans - e.g. weekly, monthly, annually
  • Automated process to update cards due to expire
  • Fully integrated with SmartPay for validation and fund code tracking

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