Adelante are a PCIDSS Level 1 Service Provider. To maintain this accreditation Adelante is independently audited by qualified security assessors (QSAs). This allows you to apply a level of trust to the security of our card payments during your own PCIDSS self-assessment process.

SmartPay is delivered from within the Adelante PCIDSS compliant environment and ensures that no card data is stored, processed or transmitted across your corporate network. Using SmartPay will reduce your own scope by removing the requirement for you to complete the PCIDSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire D (SAQ D). This is by far the most complicated SAQ document.

While SmartPay customers still need to complete some SAQs these are much less complex that SAQ D and less time consuming to complete.

Reducing the scope of your corporate network can also remove you from the requirement to use P2PE encryption for Chip and PIN machines. SmartPay includes an alternative solution for integrated Chip and PIN while ensuring you still operate in a PCI compliant way.

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