Card payment transaction data is stored in the ConnectPay portal. Each payment module posts transaction results into the portal.  This includes information like the date and time, the amount, the bank auth code etc. To remain compliant with PCIDSS rules card data is not stored in the portal.

The portal also allows customers to undertake administration tasks. These include user management, reconciliation, reporting and processing refunds. 

Web services and export files also exist to retrieve data to post into back office applications in real time or via daily reports.

The ConnectPay Portal can also be used for:

  • Add and remove user access to the portal
  • Assign user permissions e.g. restrict the ability for some users to process refunds
  • Run transaction reports
  • Export transaction data
  • Process refunds
  • Manage some of the the different ConnectPay payment channels
  • Process payments taken over the phone

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