These days everyone seems to be creating smartphone applications for their business and now universities can do the same.

SmartPay Mobile is available to all SmartPay customers. Your students will be able to download the application to their smartphone or tablet and make payments, giving them a convenient, up to date method to pay their fees. They can even report issues through the application.

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The application is fully configurable from within SmartPay giving you full control of the types of payments you want to take via this method and what validation rules need to be applied. These rules are applied centrally and apps are updated with new rule changes every time they are used.

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SmartPay Mobile works on Apple and Android devices and allows users to take control of their payments. By making use of tokenisation the user will only need to enter their card details once, after which they can use the one click ordering system. This ensures making a payment is easy and reduces the need to contact the university. The app stores all payment details (excluding the card details) in its history folder which can act as a reference point if payments ever need to be queried.

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