SmartPay delivers a complete income management and cash receipting system as a fully managed service from within the Adelante PCIDSS accredited data centre.  As well as offering the most comprehensive and flexible payment options to students, it provides all the features required by universities to manage their income.

At the heart of the system is the income administration system (IAS) a powerful tool for the management of things like fund code, VAT, general ledger codes, receipt templates, validation rules, tills, departments, user management etc. This is delivered via a simple user interface allowing individual users access only to the functionality required to do their job. A full audit trail is included for every action undertaken by users ensuring complete peace of mind.

SmartPay includes a comprehensive range of collection modules to allow for the collection of money across multiple channels. It can handle cash, cheques and all major credit and debit cards. SmartPay also manages import and export files allowing payments made using third party systems to be imported to the system, validated and then exported to the appropriate back office systems. Imported payments are validated as they are imported to ensure they can be identified. Manual exception processes exist to manage imported payments that fail this validation process, ensuring that only payments that can be identified are ever exported to your back-end systems. 

About SmartPay Income Management Software

SmartPay includes free and modern APIs allowing integration with the universities existing IT systems. Using the SmartPay APIs ensures that payments taken using third party applications are done in a PCI Compliant way making PCIDSS accreditation for universities as easy as possible. This is done alongside integration with existing payment methods to provide one holistic income management solution for universities.

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