Like all good ideas the SmartPay Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBP&P) is very simple.

Using the EBP&P tool makes debt collection easy. Multiple emails and text messages can be created from a simple spreadsheet. This allows you to create a process to chase many people for a payment in one go. You can even have a second process to chase just those people who did not make a payment after the first email or text message, this time with a different message.

Debt Collection

SmartPay EBP&P allows users to send a payment request to cardholders via email or text message. The payment request can be personalised and will contain a link. The link will take the card holder to a payment page and pre-complete the form with the payment reference number and transaction amount. When the card holder makes a payment, the payment result will immediately be posted into the SmartPay system.

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Invoices Attached

As well as using the basic SmartPay utility universities can get clever with EBP&P. Free APIs allow you to create your own debt chasing processes. These could include attaching actual invoices to each email as well as branding the email to match your website branding. Not only are you no longer sending out paper invoices, you are also making it very easy for card holders to pay the invoice.

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