Taking automated telephone payments via our TonePay interactive voice response system is a convenient process for card holders that can bring remarkable benefits to universities. TonePay allows customers to make credit and debit card payments 24 hours per day, 7 days per week over the phone. The TonePay ATP system requires no operator intervention, reducing the workload in your call centre. Being linked to the SmartPay income management system, TonePay can validate payment reference numbers, read out balances to card holders and process payments without the card holder ever making contact with the university. Typically, SmartPay customers accept more payments via the TonePay ATP system than they do on their websites.

Fully managed, PCIDSS compliant service

As with all SmartPay products, TonePay is delivered as a manged service from our PCIDSS compliant data centre and takes the payment process out of the scope of PCI. TonePay handles the transaction but not your money. Universities still receive their money directly from their acquiring bank.

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