Adelante have a variety of payment solutions for bailiffs and the debt collection market. The nature of your business means bailiff card processing needs to be fast and reliable. The best solution for you depends on how you intend to take payments. Typical bailiff and debt collector payment solutions are listed below:

At the Door

Our payment solutions make card processing for bailiffs and debt collectors simple, mobile and flexible. Our range of mobile Virtual Terminals run on nearly all mobile phones, allowing card payments to be processed at your debtor's door. These can also be connected to a Bluetooth PinPad for added payment security if required. Transaction details are also available for your debt collection staff to view via the ConnectPay Merchant Administration Portal.

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Over the Web

The ConnectPay Gateway includes an e-commerce payment facility, allowing users to make payments via the internet. Payments can be integrated with your debt collection system to provide up-to-date balance information to the person paying the bill. Transactions are also available for your staff to view via the ConnectPay Merchant Administration Portal. Credit card processing for debt collectors and bailiffs has never been simpler, for you and for your debtor.


Over the Phone

The ConnectPay system comes with a computer-based Virtual Terminal, allowing your staff to accept payments made over the phone. The software is browser-based and so runs on any hardware with internet access including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and Apple Macs. Transaction history is available to staff using the same browser-based software. This is a comprehensive bailiff card processing solution.

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Using Automated Telephone Payments

Available 24/7, 365 days per year, TonePay allows your debtors to pay you at any time without the need for costly staff intervention. The call recordings are created specifically for your requirements and can be configured to validate customer reference numbers and look up balances from your back office systems. All payments processed are stored in the ConnectPay Merchant Admin system and are available for debt collection staff to view within a few seconds of being processed.

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By taking Recurring Payments

Ideal for debt collection where a recurring credit or debit card payment is required. Our Recurring Card Payment system allows users to set up a debtor, an outstanding debt and a payment profile, similar to a direct debit system. The system will then process the payments at the appropriate time and send debtors receipts automatically. Daily reports are generated to inform users when transactions are declined and when cards are due to expire.


Our customer service team will find the best solution for you.

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