The introduction of Uber has changed the dynamics of the taxi trade. Passengers are increasingly demanding to use taxi companies that can accept payment for fares by credit and debit card, with an increasing demand from business travellers, tourists, hotel guests & city visitors. At Adelante we have worked hard to design payment systems suitable for all sizes of fleet operators. Our products include both integrated and stand-alone systems and can utilise existing hardware such as PDA's or smartphones. Alternatively we can supply dedicated Chip and PIN machines for your taxi fleet. 

Adelante have an outstanding reputation in the Taxi Industry & work closely with the London Private Hire Association to ensure our systems meet industry regulations.

Integrated solutions

Adelante work in partnership with a number of the leading booking and dispatch software suppliers in the UK.  This allows fleet owners to accept payments 

  • In the car using the PDA or Smart Phone supplied by your booking and dispatch provide
  • In the car but using a Bluetooth PinPad for added security
  • Over the phone directly from your booking screen
  • On the Internet as part of the taxi booking process
  • Directly from your customers if they are using a smart phone booking application provided by your booking and dispatch vendor

In all these scenarios the transaction information is all contained within the Booking and Dispatch Software and held against the customers record.  Our unique system allows you to securely store a token against the customer record which means they will not have to provide card details for any future bookings they make. This is a key requirement for busy fleets with high volumes of daily fares. To see how this may work for you please view the case study that describes how integrated solutions can improve your business model.

If you want to know if we have completed an integration with your own booking system please contact Adelante on 01628 820600 or complete the form on the right of the page. 

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