Payments on an iPhone or iPad

Your ConnectPay account comes with two free iOS applications. 

iPhone Payments App - Main Menu

The first one is called ConnectPay VT - it is a virtual terminal designed to allow users to accept card not present payments by turning their iPhone or iPad into a mobile friendly virtual terminal.  This is much easier to take payments when using a smartphone than trying to access payment pages via a browser using a small screen and instead drives the payment process in a simple and logical way.


The second iOS application is called Go2Pay.  This is designed to allow users to take face to face payments without the need for a separate Chip and PIN terminal or PinPad removing a large layer of cost. Even so, the payment process is just as secure and like Chip and PIN it protects against chargebacks and also removes these payments from the scope of PCI. 

Adelante provide a free API document and sample code for smart phone developers wishing to add a credit card payment function to their own iPhone applications as well as free technical assistance with the integration work.

How to download our iPhone payment applications

Both of these applications are free to download but only work if you have a ConnectPay live or test account.  To download and install them please visit the relevant page in the iTunes App Store.  If you want to try them please contact Adelante by completing the enquiry form on the right or calling 01628 820600. 

ConnectPay VT for card not present payments. 

Go2Pay for card present payments

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