Accept Payments Online with ConnectPay

Selling online, also known as e-commerce, is at the heart of many retail businesses. ConnectPay from Adelante allows companies to accept card payments on their website.

The ConnectPay gateway provides an easy and secure e-commerce card payment system. It includes support for PayPal, ApplePay and 3D Secure.  A simple and modern API allows you to accept card payment process for goods you want to sell on your website. ConnectPay does far more than allow you to take payments on your website. Many card holders now want to pay in other ways. ConnectPay allows you to take payments over the phone, face to face and in many other ways.

To accept any type of card payment via your e-commerce site you will need a merchant account from a UK acquiring bank. Adelante can provide help and advice on setting up a merchant account. We can also connect to all UK acquirers if you already have a merchant account.  

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