Please find below links to the various Adelante Product Brochures

ConnectPay Brochure The credit and debit card payment gateway that underpins the Adelante suite of payment applications
E-Commerce Brochure Make your website work for you by adding online payments
TaxiPay Mobile Brochure Designed to allow taxi drivers to take credit and debit card payments using their smart phone or tablet including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry
Recurring Card PaymentsAllowing merchants to set up payment plans and automatically take money at regular intervals from their customers
ConnectPay Virtual Terminals Various applications to allow merchants to prcess payments on their smart phone and tablet devices including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry
TonePay Brochure Automated telephone payments
SmartPay Brochure Local government income management and cash receipting
SmartPay Mobile App Smart phone apps for councils to offer free to their citizens