The Merits of 3D Secure

10 October 2014

What are the benefits? It is a bit like Chip & PIN for the Internet. If an online merchant implements 3D Secure they can be protected from chargebacks on credit and some debit card transactions. Howe...

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The taxi industry - facts and figures

14 October 2013

This interactive presentation looks at the taxi industry in London and the UK, and compares it to New York. While the taxi industry took off in the mid-90s in the UK thanks to the expansion of the lei...

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6 UK Tourism And Event Statistics To Make You Rethink Short Term Payments Rental

15 August 2013

It’s mid-August, and the year’s tourism and events season is in full flow. Thousands of weddings, exhibitions, fairs, country and county shows, festivals, and trade shows are keeping millions of cust...

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Author: Claire

How to get yourself ready to sell in minutes with Mobile POS

05 August 2013

The days when getting a mobile POS system ‘sorted out’ for a small and medium sized business are thankfully beginning to vanish. Costly and complex deployment issues can be argued off the table given ...

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Author: Claire

Dispelling 3 Myths About Chip and PIN

29 July 2013

1. MYTH: Cards are scanned and stolen within short distances
 TRUTH: Many travel merchants, solo entrepreneurs, and retailers of all sizes use Chip and PIN card devices to confidently and profess...

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