Available on both IOS and Android devices and free to download from App Store and Play Store. No need for expensive hardware options.

Go2pay - For face to face payments

Elmbridge Payment

App sends a Payment Link to your customer

  • The link can be branded with your logo
  • Satisfies PCI DSS and card scheme rules as card details entered by customer into their own device
  • Secure (3d secure) authentication of each payment
  • Payment result shown on the Go2pay App

ConnectPay - For over the phone payments

  • Enter card details into payment page
  • Payment processed instantly
  • Ideal to take payments when you are on the move
  • Result shown immediately 

Both Go2pay and ConnectPay need to connect to a merchant account to collect the funds authorised through the respective App. Contact us for more information on applying for a merchant account ….

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