Different ways to accept phone payments

ConnectPay offers some solutions to allow your customers to pay you over the phone. The various options are below.

Virtual Terminal

Using a virtual terminal is the established way to accept card payments over the phone.  This can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smart phone.  ConnectPay includes a browser based interface that runs on desktop and laptop computers. There are also specific applications for Android or Apple smart phones and tablets.

PCI Compliant Virtual Terminals

PCIDSS is often an issue for larger call centres. ConnectPay includes a module that allows staff to process payments without seeing or a hearing card number.  This can take your call centre payments out of scope for PCIDSS. Using the ConnectPay call centre application makes becoming PCI compliant easy and affordable.

Automated Telephone Payments

There are other ways to take payments over the phone.  Customers can be directed to a dedicated automatic telephone payment service.  This allows them to pay without ever talking to your call centre staff.  Great for PCIDSS compliance! The service also operates 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Simple integration can validate account numbers and retrieve outstanding balances.

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