SmartPay includes a smartphone application that can be used by council staff to take mobile payments. It works by turning their smartphone or tablet into a virtual payment terminal. Local authorities always have remote staff that would benefit from taking payments on the move.  However, the big barrier to doing this has always been the high cost of mobile Chip and PIN machines and the lack of management information about payments when taken by Chip and PIN.  The SmartPay Go2Pay app addresses both of these issues.  

PCI Compliant

The application allows remote staff to process payments in a PCI compliant way and at the same time protects the council from chargebacks by making the payment process 100% secure.

Management Information

Go2Pay allows staff to enter a payment reference number and the fund code during the payment process.  This means payments can be allocated in the SmartPay system and exported to the correct back office system.  Payments can also be tracked to individual users so in the event of queries you know who took what payment and when.

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