Chip and PIN Machines

Chip and PIN machines are the most secure way to take credit and debit card payments. They have now completely replaced the traditional swipe and sign method. Using Chip and PIN will protect your business against fraudulent transactions.  

Adelante provide card payment terminals that are appropriate for any type of business. This includes multi-national corporations down to small local businesses. There are a few different types of Chip and PIN terminals. Adelante understand our market and ensure our customers get the best available solution. Terminals are available to rent or buy.  Adelante offer a wide range of price plans to ensure you get the right solution at the best possible price.

Terminal Types

Card payment machines

Adelante supply terminals depending on your business needs. For shops our countertop machines are the best option. Portable machines are ideal for restaurants, and hospitality events. Our mobile machines come with their own SIM card. They are perfect for door-to-door sales, market traders, exhibitions and conferences. 

Payment options

Most terminal suppliers want customers to lease terminals. These contracts are often 3 years or longer. Adelante do things better. Customers can return their terminal with one month's notice. Adelante can also supply machines for short term rental - ideal for companies attending exhibitions, seminars and outdoor events.


Our Chip and PIN terminals conform to the demanding PCIDSS standards. The UK banks have certified them to run on their networks. Our team will make sure you choose the right card payment machine for your business. Please contact us and we will guide you through all the available options. Give us a call on 01628 820600 or fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch, ready to help you.

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