Adelante has a variety of products designed for the taxi, private hire and chauffeur industry.  Included in our product range are stand alone e-commerce, call centre, mobile and Chip and PIN payment solutions.  Adelante is also integrated with many of the leading taxi booking and dispatch providers to provide fast, secure card processing via your existing booking application. 

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Recurring Payments

Designed specifically for the taxi trade this application allows you to process payments in two key areas

1/ Driver payments - Why go through the weekly hassle of trying to get drivers to pay for their radio or PDA rental.  Our system allows you to collect this money using recurring card payments and automatically send a receipt to the driver via email.  This not only improves cash-flow but also takes the risk out of holding lots of cash in the office.

2/ Account Payments – Bill your corporate customers monthly by taking their money from a payment card.  This is much easier to set up and administer than a direct debit system and much less of the annoying banking regulations.  

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TaxiPay • Mobile

A pay as you go system designed to allow drivers to process payments on their own phone.  Designed primarily for individual owner drivers, TaxiPay Mobile works on pretty much any phone including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, PDAs and even older phones like Nokia. Most makes and models of mobile phones are suitable. 

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TaxiPay • Chip and PIN
Payment Systems

The most secure way to accept cardholder present transactions.  Drivers can either rent or purchase a terminal outright. Terminals are available with a minimum term contract of just 3 months. 

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Payment Systems • for FleetsPayment Systems • for Fleets

A choice of flexible payment systems both integrated & stand alone, designed to meet the needs of your valuable business. Our ConnectPay Payment Gateway is also integrated with many of the better Taxi Booking and Dispatch applications to allow for seamless card processing. 

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