Customers in a retail environment need the security offered by Chip and PIN. We can provide payment solutions for retail businesses of all sizes, and across all areas of the retail industry. Our retail credit card processing terminals are all accredited to the latest PCIDSS security standards. Some offer industry leading features such as contactless card readers and colour screens. There are different types of retail card processing terminals, depending on the requirements of the customer. We can broadly divide these into three groups. Select the retail credit card processing terminals suitable for your business below:

  • Bricks and Mortar Retailers: Fixed Line Terminals - Our fixed line Chip and PIN terminals connect to the bank via a dedicated phone line or your existing internet connection. These countertop machines are the most recognisable form of retail card processing from the point of view of your customers. This ensures they feel secure whilst making their Chip and PIN transaction. This is the lowest cost way for retailers to provide credit card processing with Chip and PIN security.
  • Restaurants and Cafés: Portable Terminals - We offer a wide range of portable Chip and PIN terminals. These connect to a base station via Bluetooth and are portable up to radius of around 100 metres. This retail payment solution is often used by cafés, pubs and restaurants where there is a need to process card payments at the table but not to be truly mobile. Because they do not require a full mobile telephony connection, this is a cost-effective for retailers to provide card processing facilities without a wired connection.
  • Mobile Retailers: Mobile Terminals - Mobile Chip and PIN Terminals have a SIM card within the machine that connects to the mobile telephone networks, allowing retailers to process card payments anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. These are generally used by mobile traders, including companies that attend exhibitions and shows where a fixed line connection is not possible.

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