Adelante are a Supplier Member of the Direct Sales Association, and have a variety of payment solutions for party planners and direct sales. Whatever the nature of your direct sales business, or wherever you need to be to sell your goods or services, our extensive range of payment solutions for direct sales companies including party planners will find solutions to suit their needs. 

Learn more about our facilities and systems to enable simpler card processing for direct sales companies:

  • E-Commerce Payments - The Adelante ConnectPay Gateway includes a facility for e-commerce payments, allowing either consumers or your distributors to make payments via the internet for easy direct sales card processing. Transactions processed are available for your staff to view via the ConnectPay Merchant Admin facility. This enables straightforward, secure direct sales credit card processing for party planners and other businesses in this industry.
  • At a Party or Sales Event - The Adelante range of smartphone virtual terminals run on nearly all mobile phones, allowing direct sales card payment processing by your sales teams on their own mobile phones. These can be connected to a Bluetooth PinPad for added payment security if required. Transactions details are also available for your staff to view via the ConnectPay Merchant Administration Portal. This flexibility makes party planner card processing on-the-go simple and cost-effective.
  • Payments in your Call Centre - ConnectPay system comes with a Computer Based Virtual Terminal. The software is browser-based and so runs on any hardware with a browser including desktop and laptop PCs, tablets and even Apple Macs. Full transaction history is available to your staff using the same browser-based software. This represents a complete and secure solution for call centres requiring party planning and other direct sales card processing facilities.
  • Using Automated Telephone Payments - Available 24/7, 365 days per year, TonePay allows your customers to call an automated payment service in input the distributor account number, payment reference, transaction amount and their card details. The call recordings are created specifically for your requirements and TonePay can be configured to validate the distributors account number prior to the payment being processed. Distributors will also receive a text message with the payment authorisation details once the payment has been processed. All payments processed are stored in the ConnectPay Merchant Administration Portal and are available for office staff to view within a few seconds of being processed.

Contact us to learn more about card processing and payment solutions for direct sales and party planners.