We work with venues and organisers to provide payment solutions for conferences and exhibitions, at affordable prices to exhibitors. Adelante have a department dedicated to renting Chip and PIN terminals to customers who need card processing for exhibitions, conferences, seminars and festivals. 

About our Conference and Exhibition Services

Our card processing solutions for conferences are robust, secure, and well supported by the Adelante team. During most large events, we will often attend the show on the first day to ensure the terminals our customers are renting are fully working, and to resolve any problems with our card payment systems for conferences. This extra peace of mind means exhibitors have one less thing to worry about when they are setting up at a conference or exhibition. With our card payment solutions for exhibitions and conferences, you can focus on the more important details.

The mobile terminals we use for conference and exhibition credit card processing come with a SIM card, and so access the mobile data network to submit payments to the bank. This means they will offer reliable card processing for conferences and exhibitions, working anywhere you can get a mobile signal. To maximise the signal, all terminals are supplied with a data roaming SIM card. This means that if the terminal is not able to get a signal from its own mobile network, it will roam onto alternative networks. Therefore, card processing for exhibitions and other off-site events is reliable for you and your customers. You need not worry about the mobile network costs involved with our conference and exhibition payment systems, as these are all included in the terminal rental charge.

We're pleased to offer a comprehensive yet cost-effective selection of conference payment solutions. To find out more about renting terminals for exhibitions, conferences or other events, please visit our short term Chip and PIN rental page.