Depending how your charity manages donations there are a number of different ConnectPay modules that can be used to accept charity donations from card holders:

  • Recurring Card Payments - Many charities cannot get direct debit facilities and many bank account holders refuse to sign direct debit mandates.  Recurring card payments offers a low cost and easy to set up solution.  
  • Automated Telephone Payments - Set up a dedicated telephone number to publish on your website, adverts and literature.  Available 24/7.  Can also be used at auction events to let card holders pay for purchases.
  • Mobile Apps - Free mobile apps that your staff can use to take secure payments face to face - PCI Compliant!
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment - Email or text people who donate regularly with specific targeted messages e.g. earthquake appeals
  • Chip and PIN Rental - Rent Chip and PIN machines on either short or long term agreements to take payments face to face at charity events

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